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EDD/California State Payroll Tax

The Employment Development Department (“EDD”) is the largest California tax collection agency, and it collects more than $31 billion in payroll tax annually in addition to maintaining employment records for more than 17 million California workers. Payroll tax is a substantial source of state revenue and the effective administration and collection of state payroll taxes is one of the major components of the state tax system. In recent years, due largely to problems with the state budget, California has stepped up enforcement action against those who fail to make proper payroll tax withholdings and/or fail to file the necessary forms. The leniency that has traditionally been afforded to employers and small businesses is virtually non-existent in today’s recessionary climate.

Dealing with the EDD can be complicated and requires a thorough knowledge of internal procedures and California employment tax laws. Our experienced attorneys have a strong track record of success and are properly equipped to handle all of your EDD disputes including:

  • Failure to file or deposit payroll taxes
  • State officials threatening to shut your business down
  • Liens or levies against your personal or business property
  • Independent contractor/employee classification disputes
  • Escalated matters that require administrative appeal or action in California state court
  • Problems with EDD account numbers or EINs

Do not wait until the last minute to handle EDD employment tax issues. Proper representation can guide you to an effective resolution and save you thousands of dollars in liability.

RJS Law attorneys are standing by to help you with any tax questions. We have tax law offices in San Diego, Orange County and Beverly Hills at your disposal.

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