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Corporate Law

In addition to our strong tax law practice, RJS Law prides itself on the quality and variety of corporate and advisory services we provide for companies and small business owners in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. In addition to his vast legal and accounting experience, Mr. Shamoun owns and operates six businesses in San Diego, Irvine and Beverly Hills, CA and is well equipped to provide advice on business operations and increasing profitability.

We specialize in issues principally concerning small and mid-sized businesses, including choice of entity and initial business planning, business succession planning, asset and stock sales, tax planning issues involving officer and director compensation, issues surrounding business growth and expansion, and issues surrounding dissolution and winding down corporate affairs. Mr. Shamoun and Mr. Brotman also frequently handle litigation matters concerning small businesses against former officers/employees, vendors, and other 3rd parties. In addition, our firm regularly drafts and reviews proprietary corporate documents for our clients; often finding errors or suggesting new language to make them better suited for your business. Carefully constructed internal documents and contracts are critical to business success, as they curtail liability and ensure that terms are parallel to your intentions.

Rather than simply pulling together a series of precedents and crafting documents based on prior examples (something other firms are notorious for), our firm takes a “ground up” approach to drafting, which assures that our Southern California clients receive quality legal documents that are specifically tailored to their business operations. After our initial client consultation, our attorneys and staff engage in a client strategy session to determine exactly which clauses and recitals are appropriate for your business. Documents go through several markups to ensure accuracy before finally being returned for your approval. Mr. Shamoun has significant drafting experience.

If you have any questions or if we can further assist you, please contact our San Diego, Orange County and Beverly Hills office.

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