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IRS Audits

Experienced attorneys can often limit the scope of an IRS audit to one year, rather than a general fishing expedition through multiple years. Experienced counsel is often also able to identify problem areas with the return through their own internal investigation. This internal review allows counsel to tailor responses to the Revenue Agent’s questions, and ultimately may avoid or minimize exposure to tax deficiencies and the opening of other years.

If you have been selected for an audit and have reason to believe any of the following, please visit our Criminal Tax page:

  • you may be subject to criminal prosecution;
  • the information contained on your return for the year selected is false or has become false;
  • the income on your return is understated;
  • the deductions taken on your return are overstated; and/or
  • you are a business and pay a large amount of workers in cash without making proper payroll tax withholdings.

Receiving an IRS audit letter is a frightening proposition for many taxpayers. Often individuals experience feelings of fear, helplessness, frustration, or are shamed by the suggestion that the information they have provided on their tax returns is not accurate. Furthermore, IRS audit letters are often accompanied by a multiple page request for documents, which often ask for records that are several years old. Taxpayers often equate the experience of being examined by the IRS with being questioned by the police about the commission of a crime. Because our clients are often frightened by the prospect of an IRS audit, we want to stress that even though you are being audited by the IRS, this does not mean you have done anything wrong.

If you have any questions or you need further IRS audit help, please contact our IRS audit attorneys in San Diego, Orange County or Beverly Hills today.

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