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State Tax

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with all facets of California state tax agencies, including a history of representation before the Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, State Board of Equalization, and other city or county taxation agencies specifically in San Diego, Irvine and Los Angeles. Due to the poor condition of the California economy, the state has become much more aggressive in its collection procedures.

The state taxation agencies all have unique tax procedures that are different and distinct from the IRS, such as the rules concerning net operating losses. California also has the power to shut down your business and can use all kinds of techniques to get money when times are tough. For example, the California Franchise Tax Board may try to convert you to a California resident and charge you California tax.  The EDD may also try to reclassify your independent contractors as employees, so that you must pay payroll taxes and large penalties. Whatever your state tax issue, our firm is trained in the nuances of state tax law and can help guide you through the process.

If you have any questions or if we can further assist you, please contact our San Diego, Orange County and Beverly Hills office.

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