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Client Testimonials

We want to thank RJS Law and especially Allison Soares for resolving a tedious and stressful situation for us. She streamlined the process and guided us through the entire ordeal. She was always accessible, responded to emails and always answered our calls and questions immediately. Her knowledge and diligence to our case paid off and we would highly recommend RJS Law services in the future.
Aaron and Sara Marin

We chose RJS Law due to the good reviews we read and they didn’t let us down. We were facing an EDD audit and Allison jumped right in and took charge. It was actually quite a painless process for us because Allison handled everything with EDD. In the end, Allison saved us a ton of money and spared us all the headaches of dealing with EDD ourselves. We are extremely pleased with the service we received from RJS Law and highly recommend them.

Allison Soares and the RJS team had a very complicated task in front of them resolving several different and complicated tax issues for me personally ranging over 15 years of back taxes and fillings. I had a specific goal in how I wanted these issues handles and the timeline in which I needed it to be set in agreements with the IRS and FTB. She accomplished everything we had hoped for to the “T”.

I have since referred my brother in law who not only got his liens removed by Allison and her team, but he actually got a rebate. I also referred my sister to Allison and she left extremely happy with the honest evaluation of here situation by Allison. I will continue to recommend here to anyone needing assistance with any tax issues.

Calling this firm put me at ease. I had sleepless nights as I was procrastinating to take care of my problems; I didn’t know how to go about them. Seeking legal help is always a good way to go, as they are more suited for the job. Chandara has guided me through the process of my stressful situation. No strings attached but I couldn’t let go, I truly recommend them. They will give you sincere and honest answers at all times. I couldn’t be more at ease with my family taking this a step at a time.

The EDD sent me a notice that they were auditing my business. I did some research and came across RJS LAW. I called and spoke to Allison, I explained to her my problem and concerns. She was very knowledgeable and a lot of help. She answered all my questioned thoroughly and put me at ease. I have an appointment scheduled and I’m sure they’ll be able to help with my situation.

My grandmother and I called RJS LAW because she fell behind on her business taxes. She no longer owns the business so she wanted to get back on track and settle that debt. Brendan was very informative and very helpful. We set up a consultation and everyone at the firm was very polite. Brendan helped us create a plan so that we can get resolution to the problem. He helped turn this insurmountable issue into something manageable going forward. I highly recommend this place!

With no doubt I have to say I have the best advice going forward. I was in the military residing from California but I was stationed in Texas and I didn’t know my filing requirements. Not only I got my questions answered by they gave me free knowledge that I wouldn’t ever had known. I feel comfortable with filing now and going forward I will know what’s best for me. The best thing I liked about this firm is that they answered right away! Transferred my call to an attorney and got it done! In no time! Highly professional and helpful!

We worked with Brad Paladini on an appeal for an Offer in Compromise we previously submitted on our own. Looking back we should have hired RJS BEFORE we tried submitting an OIC on our own. Brad was amazing to work with on the OIC appeal and literally saved us over $100,000 in taxes. Didn’t show any judgement, took over all the IRS communications and helped us get all the paperwork the IRS was requesting. He fought for us like a bulldog to win the appeal. We are so thankful we found RJS LAW through Yelp and decided to write a review to pay it forward!

RJS LAW San Diego came to us highly recommended. The firm delivers with precision, tact and professionalism. They are not cheap, but cheap doesn’t always deliver. Ronnie Shamoun, Quinn Disparte, and their associates treated our case with respect, dignity, empathy and speed. They were able to get our case dismissed timely, as promised and without any of the associated headaches that normally come with the territory. The end result was tremendous peace of mind. If that is what your ultimate goal is you need not look any further.

I had a heart attack when I received a letter from the FTB claiming I owe 160K. They were threatening to lien my bank accounts as well as my properties if I didn’t pay up. I hired RJS LAW Firm to represent me in this horrific situation. I mostly dealt with Ronson Shamoun and Allison Soares, who helped me settle with the FTB for a fraction of what I owed.

Few months later I received a letter from the IRS for a much smaller amount, 4K. In less than a week, the same team was able to handle the situation and I didn’t have to pay the IRS anything.

They were professional and promptly handled all my concerns. I would definitely recommend RJS LAW to everyone….

I can’t say enough good things about RJS. I had a free consultation today with Brendan O’Connor. He was able to counsel me and answer all of my questions. My circumstances were minor compared to the scope of some of the cases they handle and he was able to give me some valuable advice that I could apply myself and save me a TON of money in penalties with the IRS. I’m now on a track to freedom from the IRS and I just can’t say enough good things about this firm. The reviews below and local advertising is what got me in the door, and their professionalism and caring attitude is what got me on yelp writing this review. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs tax help.

My husband and I would like other to know if they are ever faced with an audit as we were, we highly recommend using the services of RJS LAW. We met with Allison Soares with our documents and she took over, relieving us from worry and time.

This was an audit by EDD. The auditor never spoke to us directly, but through our attorney and performed the audit at the attorney’s office NOT ours and we ended with a very satisfactory outcome that I believe left to ourselves, besides the time and work it would have cost us, the outcome would have probably been not satisfactory.

RJS LAW is amazing. I was referred to Allison from a friend attending law school. Allison and Christine helped me establish my corporation. When I met them I suffered from not knowing what I didn’t know, but now I know. They were extremely patient with me, an English Major turned business man, and used their knowledge to guide me through the process of establishing a Corp. They were so great, I will trust them with establishing my second Corporation.

They were also very knowledgeable with a new corporation’s tax responsibilities. Don’t wait until your business is under water, CALL RJS LAW!!!

Talking about Tax problems, this is absolutelly, the best Law firm in San Diego. We had a big problem with Federal and Local Tax related to our business, in a very particular case and they solved it in the best way, we couldn’t expect more. All of the people involved in the case were all the time very professional, patient and clear on any doubt we had. We are very thankful with Mr. Shamoun, Chandara and Marisol… BEST LAW FIRM IN SAN DIEGO!

I was dealing with an IRS issue and remembered seen RJS’ billboards. I called them and in less then 15 min got a call back from Allyson, who was simply AMAZING!!
She took her time and patiently explained me everything and calmed me down. It took me few weeks to call her back, and once I got all papers I set up an appointment with her. I am so glad I did!!!
During the appointment I also had the pleasure to meet with Paula! She is also very knowledgeable and so patient! Not only we talked about IRS questions, but also about business advices! That first meeting was free of charge. And once you meet them, and see how much they know, you are hooked forever!
Thank you Allyson and Paula! You are my life savior!!!

My mother-in-law had several taxation issues after her divorce. Chandara helped her by negotiating with IRS and each time one issue was resolved, another would arise. However, Chandara worked relentlessly and continued to help patiently without complaining each time we bought another stack of paperwork to her. Our case had previously been on standby for so many years as we paid for legal services until we heard about RJS LAW. We are so grateful for RJS and especially Chandara because other places who offered helped were not as efficient or nearly as competent.

Amazing! In today’s world of NO customer service and only internal focus, The RJS LAW firm and Chandara in particular completely changed my perspective. Due to a complicated personal situation, I found myself in a difficult position with the IRS. One call and I can not tell you how relieved I am. I can breathe again, and what is even more amazing- I do not need an attorney. Chandara advised me on how to resolve this myself. It would have been easy to just take my money and add further stress to the situation, but she didn’t.
I believe that nothing but good can come from true acts of kindness, so I truly thank her and RJS for outstanding service and should I ever need an attorney- she will be my first call.

Our business started as a small sole proprietorship. Over the years we changed our status several times but did not file the proper paperwork, taxes, etc. After having assets seized and receiving a bill for over $300K, we knew we needed an attorney. RJS was referred by a friend. We met with Allison and her team. We knew within minutes we were in the right place. Not only did Allison walk us through everything, she went above and beyond, educating us throughout the entire process. Our end result…we are finally in good standing with the IRS. Our taxes are now current for the first time over seven years. Our tax debt is less than a 1/3 of what we were originally billed and a reasonable payment plan was reached. I cannot stress enough how this has changed our lives. I am no longer in fear of opening mail or having our business seized. I feel as if Allison and the entire team behind her embraced us almost at a personal level. For this reason I am not afraid to call or email even the smallest question. I would recommend Allison and RJS to anyone with the utmost confidence.

I came to RJS LAW feeling lost and confused. I have been dealing with a tax issue for a couple of years and prior to working with RJS LAW, the company I was working with at the time left me in the dark with little to no information regarding my case. Within one day of moving my case to RJS LAW, Ronnie and Allison already had the ball rolling for me and were able to give me more answers than I had received in over a year. I am very pleased with the level of service RJS LAW is providing for me. Every email is answered promptly, not a single phone call goes unreturned. I cannot thank Ronnie and his team enough for the unending support and dedication to my case. Allison is highly skilled and a pleasure to work with, speaking to her about my problems is like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to moving on to a new chapter in my life and I know that RJS LAW will be the pathway to help me do so. If you are looking for a tax attorney, look no further. You will not regret choosing Ronnie and his team. Keep up the good work RJS LAW!

Allison Soares is an amazing tax attorney. Outstanding customer service. Always available to answer questions or concerns. She really cares and works hard to make sure her clients are satisfied. Because of Allison our previous tax issue is manageable with an affordable payment plan. We highly recommend her legal service and advice.

RJS LAW is simply the BEST.  I have been associated with lawyers for over 35 years.  When people have tax problems, or concerns it can be a very difficult time, full of stress and anxiety.  One does not know what to expect.  Nightmares of horror stories we have all heard about the IRS are racing through our heads constantly.  Mr. Shamoun and his team are straight talkers.  They took my  worries and concerns as theirs. They always spoke directly and honestly about the situation.  They looked at my issues personally, as real caring human beings.  They have the empathy and caring that is equal to incredible legal expertise in handling tax matters.  There is simply no law firm any better than RJS LAW.  RJS LAW is simply the BEST

My husband and I would like others to know if they are ever faced with an audit as we were, we highly recommend using the services of RJS LAW. We met with Allison Soares with our documents and she took over– relieving us from worry and time.This was an audit by EDD. The auditor never spoke to us directly, but through our attorney and performed the audit at the attorney’s office NOT ours. And we ended with a very satisfactory outcome that I believe left to ourselves, besides the time and work it would have cost us, the outcome would have probably been not as satisfactory.

I had a heart attack when I received a letter from the FTB claiming I owe 160K. They were threatening to lien my bank accounts as well as my properties if I didn’t pay up. I hired RJS LAW Firm to represent me in this horrific situation. I mostly dealt with Ronson Shamoun and Allison Soares, who helped me settle with the FTB for a fraction of what I owed. Few months later I received a letter from the IRS for a much smaller amount, 4K. In less than a week, the same team was able to handle the situation and I didn’t have to pay the IRS anything. They were professional and promptly handled all my concerns. I would definitely recommend RJS LAW to everyone.

I am an entrepreneur and when I received my audit letter from the IRS I was terrified. I contacted RJS LAW and laid out my situation. They advised me and worked with the IRS to resolve my audit quickly and in the end the outcome was WAY better than I expected. I highly recommend RJS LAW and Brad Paladini!

It did not take long before we recognized that we were not going to achieve the desired outcome working on our own directly with the IRS. After a simple internet search and a brief phone call, we had a meeting with Allison Soares and Brad Paladini to review our unique situation. Allison and Brad quickly got up to speed on the technical issues surrounding our matter and immediately took action with the IRS, ultimately leading us down a path toward a proper resolution. Allison and Brad were outstanding to work with during the entire process….knowledgeable, informative, efficient and effective in helping our company achieve the best possible result. Thank you Allison and Brad!

When my husband died suddenly I found myself responsible for a huge tax mess and didn’t know whom to trust or where to turn. Ronnie, Quinn and Susanne Disparte have been so wonderful to me, taking over and walking me through the process every step of the way. They have done everything they can to save me money and give me options to resolve the issues with the IRS and FTB whenever possible. I know they are always looking out for me as if I were family. We lost our oldest son a few years ago and now my five children and I are left to fend for ourselves. It has been a godsend to have RJS LAW keeping us under their protection and guidance. I would have never survived this ordeal without their expertise in dealing with my tax mess and their kindness towards me and my family. I would encourage anyone with any tax issues to consult with RJS LAW straight away. I have the utmost confidence that they will do an excellent settlement for anyone in need.
Allison B.

I had occasion to need the services of RJS LAW again. This time it was the Franchise Tax Board. Quinn and Suzanne Disparte are the best. Helped me to resolve the problem right away. Amazing is the only word I can think of when talking about them. Very caring and calming. I would recommend anyone in the firm if you need help with a tax problem. Of course I am partial to Quinn and Suzanne but have met Ronnie and he is great also.
Pam S.

I was dealing with an IRS issue and remembered seen RJS’ billboards. I called them and in less than 15 min got a call back from Allison, who was simply AMAZING!!
She took her time and patiently explained everything to me and calmed me down. It took me a few weeks to call her back, and once I got all papers I set up an appointment with her. I am so glad I did!!!
During the appointment I also had the pleasure to meet with Paula! She is also very knowledgeable and so patient! Not only did we talk about IRS questions, but also about business advice! That first meeting was free of charge. And once you meet them, and see how much they know, you are hooked forever!
Thank you Allison and Paula! You are my life saver!!!
Marcio G.

RJS has been an incredible partner in solving my tax issues. Chandara, Jonathan before her, and Ronnie all along have helped me in a way that I can never thank them for enough.
It took over 4 years to finally complete the task at hand but I must say that during this 4+ years of patiently waiting and frustration, they have been at my side, trying to serve me the best they could. They succeeded at last, we succeeded at last. I can only recommend this firm, and I did already, to anyone with tax problems.
Pierre S.

Had an excellent experience with Quinn Disparte. His approach was extremely professional and our results exceeded expectations. I would unequivocally recommended utilization of his legal services.
Cindy L.

When my husband and I found out how much taxes we owed our world and emotions were turned upside down! The stress all at once was too overwhelming and I couldn’t sleep for months. There were so many thoughts of, “oh my goodness, what’re we going to do….there goes our home and we have no savings!”

We were referred to RJS and after I reviewed the Yelp reviews I was still not sure they could help us out but I have to say after meeting with Ronnie I felt I could breathe much better. We opted for a payment plan with both IRS and FTB. I started to work with Suzanne to get things rolling and she was AMAZING, kind, patient and most importantly understanding! Now that everything is finalized I can exhale completely!

I cannot say enough good things about RJS! Ronnie and his team are angels and you’ll WANT them by your side if ever you find yourself in a tax bind!

Thank you again to Ronnie and the AMAZING Suzanne at RJS!
Sherry E.

Allison and Ronnie were a pleasure to work with in resolving my IRS issue. They were professional and responsive to my calls and concerns, and took time to educate me about my situation and options. My IRS situation was successfully resolved. My whole experience with Allison and Ronnie and the staff at RJS LAW was positive and professional. It has been a huge relief for me, and I am so grateful for their help in resolving my matter.
Nancy R.

After my home burned down in the Southern California wildfires and I lost everything, I received a Sempra settlement which helped get me back on my feet. I came to RJS LAW proactively at the recommendation of the settlement attorney to ensure everything was done properly. A few years later I received a notice from the IRS stating I owed $171,000. This was very bizarre as I live within a modest budget and this put me on the verge of losing everything again. I contacted RJS LAW and they were able to settle my liability for $108! RJS LAW contacted the other attorney and got all the documents necessary, taking the burden off of me which helped relieve the stress. Then the IRS was still unhappy, and RJS LAW proved once again that my returns were accurate. It was a stressful four months but nothing like it would have been if I was not prepared and didn’t have RJS LAW on my side! They were very professional and even gave me a discount. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has a serious issue or someone who is trying to avoid a drastic problem. Thank you, thank you!
Martha H.

Allison was a pleasure to work with. Smart, professional and responsive to my calls and concerns, and often took extra time to educate me about my situation and options. Most importantly though, I was happy with the results and Allison was able to get me an arrangement that I found both fair and affordable.
Jeffrey S.

RJS LAW was a law firm that my Texas-based medical equipment company found online. We had an issue with CA BOE sales tax division and Quinn, Ronson, and their staff helped us fight a tax bill from $230k down to $114k. Very professional and accommodating team. Wound recommend them to any businesses small and large to fight on their behalf.
Brett C.

Word of mouth is always the best way to learn about a business. We are thankful a friend referred us. Ronson & Quinn have been utmost professional in helping us with some complicated business matters. Their communication is most excellent & you are not treated as just another number. Their team is result oriented & they want the best for the client. I would highly recommend them.
Syrisa M.

My experience with RJS LAW was outstanding! I worked with Allison & Brad. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. They were genuine, honest, diligent, and hardworking. They understood the time sensitive nature of my case, and therefore worked quickly and expeditiously to get the matter resolved. I was in constant communication with Brad, and he was able to provide me with updates bi weekly on my case. I felt understood, respected and a valued client. They are well versed in non profit law, and therefore our IRS issues were resolved efficiently and effectively. From day one I felt heard and understood. I walked out of their office knowing that I was in great hands! My issue with the IRS was resolved quickly and painlessly!! Thanks Allison & Brad!!!!
Deanna M.

5 STARS to this law firm! I called RJS LAW to get some international tax advice. Allison took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and advised me on how to resolve my issues. Such a breath of fresh air to have someone give you good honest advice. Allison was extremely pleasant and professional and I would recommend RJS LAW to anyone.
Ed S.

Hands down the best Attorney experience I’ve ever had. When I received an audit letter from the IRS, I knew I wanted the best to represent me. Ronnie Shamoun, Allison Soares and Christine Gilbert handled my case and were extremely responsive every step of the way. With their guidance I was made to feel very comfortable with the entire process. I could not be happier with the results of the Audit. They reduced my tax bill to nothing! I would highly recommend RJS LAW Firm to anyone needing tax law representation. Thank you RJS team for your hard work on my behalf!
Tim S.

RJS LAW is the place to go if you have a Tax or Business issue that is keeping you up at night. Ronnie the owner and Allison were very great attorneys and really took charge of the situation. After working with them on and off for a year now, I am very happy with the results. No job is to big or small for these guys and they are affordable too. Thanks again Ronnie and Allison for all your hard work.
Barry D.

When I got home Friday night after another long day at work there was a letter in my mailbox from the tax people. It took me a couple hours to open it and when I finally did it was very scary. They wanted to see me and all my records. After no sleep all weekend I went to RJS LAW first thing Monday morning. The first thing RJS LAW did was calm me down and comfort me. Then we put together a plan to get all the documents in order, answer all of the tax questions appropriately, and so forth.

Over the next few months, we got everything organized. RJS LAW met directly with the tax people which was a relief. RJS happily met with me once or twice a month and answered all my emails promptly. Finally we got word from the tax people that they were satisfied with everything and I have moved on with my life. I now have a way better accounting system than a shoebox (thanks for the help from RJS). Thank you RJS LAW for not only helping me with my document organization and defense but to help me emotionally through a very scary time of my life. I highly recommend RJS LAW to anyone in a similar situation. Everyone in that office that I dealt with was compassionate, kind, and professional at all times.
Alyssa A.

I have worked with Ronnie Shamoun abd Quinn Disparte with my Audit. They did a great job with the Audit. I also hired them for my OIC. Quinn spent a lot of time on my file. My OIC was very complicated! He made me feel like I was his only client. I chose RJS Law for a couple of reasons. First, RJS Law was a referral from a good friend. Second, ROnnie is a USD ALUMNI, like myself. NOw, I’m glad I chose them.Ronnie and Quinn are very personable and you feel safe and relaxed with them. There is no pressure.I would definitely recommend them!
Kash A.

Unbeknownst to me my son owed back state income taxes that were being garnished out of his paycheck. One day I found out I had to have heart surgery so I added my son’s name to my bank account just in case anything happened. I didn’t think to remove him from my account after I got out of the hospital. Then one day he moved to another state to take a new job, and the Franchise Tax Board confiscated all of the money in my bank account. I couldn’t believe what happened, and didn’t know what to do. I’m a senior citizen and that was all the money I had. Thank goodness for Quinn Disparte of RJS LAW. He talked to the Franchise Tax Board and got every cent of my money back, and it even arrived before Christmas. I don’t know what I would have done without Quinn’s help. Thank you RJS LAW!
Susan R.

If you are in need of a top tier Tax and Business firm, the team over at RJS LAW can help. I had a few businesses that needed help and Mr. Shamoun took care of all my matters. They are on top of all aspects of your case civil/criminal and they treat you as a good person that you probably are. Thanks again Ronnie and Allison.
Barry A.

I first met Quinn on a Saturday because that was the only time I could meet, and he accommodated my schedule to meet on the weekend, which I was very happy about. I was very stressed out about my IRS audit, but right from the beginning, he put me at ease and helped me understand the entire process. He was very open and easy to talk to. I had met with another attorney prior, but didn’t feel at ease and I didn’t feel confident in their ability to help with my problem. From the first meeting with Quinn, I felt completely confident in his abilities and just had a good feeling that I was in good hands. My gut feelings about this were right. My whole experience with Quinn and Ronnie and the staff at RJS LAW was positive and professional. After he worked with the auditor, the auditor decided to issue a no change result, and I didn’t have to pay the IRS anything. It has been a huge relief for me, and I am so grateful for their help in resolving my matter.
Tuyen A.

Ronnie, your understanding and kindness in providing your services at this most difficult time is genuinely and deeply appreciated. I now have an even better insight into why you are so highly regarded and accomplished in our community. In my life I have been fortunate to have been able to give to others; now that I am in need it is clear how precious and important understanding and compassion are. I hope you know how significantly you have affected my life and current circumstances. The “tide always turns” so I feel confident that what you are doing for me will become future benefits for you and others. Thank you.
I have been speaking praise of you to my network of colleagues and friends, and I have given out a bunch of your cards, pens, and and the nice lights…they are great items!
Bob E.

Wonderful experience!!! RJS was the fourth firm I contacted regarding a complex tax issue and they were by far the most helpful. Diana Rodriguez listened to me, took a genuine interest in helping me, made a quick assessment and immediately put me in touch with an attorney at the firm who could assist me. Wonderful customer service from start to finish. Thanks RJS for making this whole experience so much easier than it could have been, and in particular, thanks to Diana Rodriguez and Brad for your professionalism and efficiency.
Frederic O.

My accountant made a slight mistake on my return and didn’t claim some funds I withdrew from my retirement account. I owed the IRS $30,000 and didn’t know what to do, but because of Chandara’s diligent work I was able to settle my IRS liability for $1,000. My experience working with the attorneys at RJS LAW on my Offer in Compromise was excellent. They are caring, capable, and deliver excellent results. I would highly recommend them and their services to anyone in need.
Robert W.

I highly recommend RJS LAW and especially Chandara, she was very helpful. She was always concerned about my case and I truly can’t put in words how much she helped me. My problem was very overwhelming and I could not sleep well before I came to RJS LAW, but now everything is relieved. I will always recommend Chandara.
Rudy C.

I would like to personally thank you and your staff for providing excellent support during my recent EDD audit. We are a busy company and did not expect to receive a request from the EDD to audit our records. We do maintain our records in accordance with all laws, but dealing with a government entity is a very stressful event. I decided to contact your firm to provide guidance in the process. I wanted to make sure we responded to the EDD in a structured a professional manner. During my initial visit to your company I met Allison Soares and Brad Paladini. Allison led the conversation and immediately made me feel at ease. She explained the audit process and made me feel at ease. This allowed me to understand the process and see that RJS had a plan to help me through this stressful event.

During the audit Allison and Brad interfaced directly with the EDD on behalf of my company, provided me with a list of the items I need to provide to the EDD and answered my many questions about the process. The audit was completed quickly and as low stress and possible. I am truly impressed with your company, with Allison and with Brad. I am grateful that we engaged you at the beginning of the audit process. Thank you for your excellent service and professionalism. I would definitely recommend RJS to anyone going through a similar process.
Thomas V.

One of my businesses recently underwent an SBOE audit, and I hired RJS LAW to handle the audit appeal. I worked with Chandara and Christine, and they handled it impeccably. They were diligent and professional, kept me up-to-date and returned every call and email in a timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone and should I ever need tax assistance again they will be my first call.
Alfred A.

Owning multiple businesses, I called RJS LAW with my EDD matter that I feared would be terribly complicated because it appeared the EDD was transposing two of my businesses’ addresses. Prior to receiving a notice, a few agents from the EDD came to my place of business while I was not there and interviewed my employees searching for potential problems. I worked with brilliant attorneys Ronson Shamoun and Quinn Disparte along with his law clerk Marisol on this matter and I felt like I was in great hands with them. I did not have to stress once I gave them the documents they requested, they were very thorough following up with me, and walked me through the entire process. I had never experienced anything like this with the EDD and I was not sure what to expect. The outcome was better than I could have ever expected with reasonable fees charged to me from RJS LAW.
Ed B.

I heard about RJS LAW through the community and knew Ronson through the PEERS Gala. I called RJS LAW and spoke with Ashley Kerins who was very knowledgeable and thorough, and gave me step by step instructions on how to solve my particular problem. After going through my matter with Ashley and Ronnie they were very candid with what the outcomes could be and my ability to solve my own problem with both the IRS and state without hiring an attorney. They gave me a free phone consultation and I’m grateful they were there for me and were honest, unlike other companies I have worked with in the past. They were easy to talk to and explained the process in understandable, relatable terms.
Jawad B.

I ran into an issue in relation to my business and I knew the issue was outside of the normal cases RJS LAW takes on, but I knew they would handle my case with discretion and professionalism. Even though it wasn’t their specific area of expertise, I knew I could trust them with the matter and that they would get it done right the first time around. Chandara and Ronnie took charge and took care of my issue quickly and did an excellent job. If I ever need them again they’ll be my first call.
Andy B.

From our initial meeting with Chandara she was very comforting, helpful, and put us at ease with both the process and the task at hand. We knew we had a mountain to climb to get past our tax problem and during the entire process Chandara was understanding, patient, and persistent when she needed to be. We followed her instructions along the way, providing the information she needed and Chandara and RJS did a lot of work behind the scenes, work we could never have done on our own. We went in hoping for the best but planning for the worst, and our best outcome was realized. We wouldn’t have had the amazing results in our case without Chandara and RJS LAW on our side. We highly recommend Chandara and the services of RJS LAW!
Jann H.

We wish to express our most sincere appreciation to RJS LAW for the excellent counsel and guidance you provided in respect of our recent case with the IRS. From the moment we met you, Jonathan, and your team members, it was clear that your firm’s experience in these matters is without peer. And just as importantly, you gave us a personal sense of confidence and commitment that a resolution could and would be found.

As it turned out we emerged without penalties or back-taxes and can move forward with clarity, the matter rectified and behind us. Thank you again for your expertise and counsel – we would recommend, without reservation, those seeking tax guidance do likewise and retain the services of RJS LAW.
Bruce N.

I just spoke to one of their attorneys, Allison Soares, and was so impressed and relieved with the advice she gave me. I am a single mom, covering all basis on my own, and her words were not only informative, but, reassuring, encouraging, and comforting. I will recommend her highly!!

Jennifer R.

I am a civil servant for the County of San Diego. I am also a member of the military (in the reserves) and a veteran. I don’t have a lot of time and, especially, any money to waste.

A few years ago, I went to RSJ Law and I met with Ronnie. This was after I tried to deal wit the IRS myself- and as expected they didn’t help me at all. But after meeting Ronnie and his staff, I have to tell you from the minute I walked in I knew I was at the right place. Ronnie and the folks at RJS Law are “pit bulls.” They don’t mess around and they really make the IRS stop and take notice.

So many times the IRS lives up to their reputation and they want to screw the little guy. RJS Law has helped me for several years and they have educated me about how the IRS works, my rights as a tax payer, but most importantly they put me at ease.

RJS Law helped me pay what I “legitimately” owed the IRS in a manner that I could afford.

I cannot thank them enough!! RJS Law also did not take advantage of me with their fees and they took care of me when I was deployed as well. I recommend RJS Law without reservation and I refer all my friends to them. They’re OUTSTANDING!!
Bill Y.

My father was in need of some help to reduce his liability to the IRS, and after meeting with Ashley and Ronnie at RJS LAW we knew an Offer in Compromise was the best option. The process could have been very confusing but Ashley was very forthcoming and patient with us, giving us a clear picture of our case and the likelihood of the outcome, and I am extremely satisfied with the way our case was handled. My father’s offer was accepted and we are ecstatic! This was a big issue for my family and we are so relieved. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
Nancy V.

Thank you does not truly describe the respect, appreciation, gratitude, and admiration I have for your legal acumen and the friendship we have developed over the last 5 years. I will always consider you as my friend as well as my tax adviser. You have been a great maestro of legal services with a superior outcome at sentencing! I will always be glad to refer your services to those in need. If I can ever be of service to you just let me know. Thanks for the moral support at the hearing! You are a great team and I will keep in touch. I used to just like you, now I love you! God bless you all! My very best to you, your family, and Team Ronnie!
Michael T.

The problem I had with the IRS was lingering over my head and I was scared to fix it. I was in a panic and was losing sleep over it, but didn’t know where to turn and was worried whomever I went to for assistance would criticize my shortcomings and failures. I was sitting in traffic one day and, like a sign, I saw “Tax Problems Solved” on a billboard with a group of smiling faces. I called RJS LAW when I got home and am so glad I did. At my initial meeting with Allison, Ronnie also came in to meet with me and calmed my fears, and I believe that speaks volumes for the level of customer service RJS LAW has. In most companies you never meet the CEO, and I met Ronnie on the first day.

Everyone at RJS LAW was kind, understanding, and stood beside me throughout my case. The IRS is scary and people need a law firm who stands by their client wholeheartedly. They have a great rapport with the IRS and State, and the sooner you call them the better off you’ll be. I have already recommended a RJS LAW to a friend because I know they are trustworthy and great at what they do.
Cindy G.

Amazing! In today’s world of NO customer service and only internal focus, The RJS Law firm and Chandara in particular completely changed my perspective. Due to a complicated personal situation, I found myself in a difficult position with the IRS. One call and I can not tell you how relieved I am. I can breathe again, and what is even more amazing- I do not need an attorney. Chandara advised me on how to resolve this myself. It would have been easy to just take my money and add further stress to the situation, but she didn’t.

I believe that nothing but good can come from true acts of kindness, so I truly thank her and RJS for outstanding service and should I ever need an attorney- she will be my first call.
Michelle W.

I am forever grateful to Ronnie and Chandara and everything they did for me in planning and getting approval on an Offer in Compromise. I have no doubt that it is because of their knowledge, diligence, and continual hard work that my offer was accepted. Choosing to let them help you truly is the smartest decision you can make. If you’re reading this, know that you’ve landed in exceptionally good hands, you need look no further, and they WILL take care of you throughout the whole process. Chandara was always available to answer any questions I had, or instruct me on what I needed to do, and was always on top of things, making sure nothing was left undone. I trusted her implicitly. I feel truly blessed that someone referred me to them. My offer was not an easy one, and throughout the process I was continually impressed with their ability to get things done. They truly are exceptional!
Debbie O.

Ronnie, I sincerely appreciate the understanding, kindness, and compassion you have shown me. You are truly a very special person.
Don C.

This testimonial cannot even compare to all that you have done for us with our tax issues with the IRS, but we wanted you to know how deeply grateful you made us. When situations like this happen, it really helps us put things into perspective and teaches us some costly lessons in life! We are so appreciative to Quinn and Brad for EVERYTHING and especially for your kindness and professionalism. We are spreading the word about how great you are/RJS LAW is!
Christine P.

Atty. R. Shamoun and his competent and caring staff work hard for their clients in a timely and respectful fashion. Unlike other lawyers he has passion, clear and concise road map of what to do with your case, truthful and honest time frame of how long will it take and charges comparable fee at the start. He listens attentively and gives you options to choose from and respects your decision without making you feel guilty and upset. He is a combination of superb knowledge, skilled experience, lots of community resources to consult and apply if needed pertinent to your case and last but not least love compassion and willingness to serve and win your case.
Rose Q.

I cannot say enough good things about RJS Law. They are truly the best. Their service level is incredible. I had a number of IRS tax issues that needed to be handled. I had a business that was failing and I let my payroll taxes get behind.
They don’t judge you. They just help you. You immediately feel comfortable. They are approachable, explain things to you in ways that anyone can understand. If you call or email them… they respond the same day. Every time. No matter how busy they are. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. We were able to negotiate a payment plan with the IRS, so that I could start to put this mess behind me.
I worked with Ronnie and Chandara. They are both top notch professionals. I think the thing that sets them apart from other tax lawyers… is that they truly CARE. You don’t just feel like a client who helps them pay the bills. They truly care about helping you. THANK YOU RJS LAW!
Eddie T.

Last year I had problems with the IRS, they froze my account when I was going to pay my employees (payroll). I called several places to help me with this issue, I was desperate, panicked. All the so-called professionals I called before the Law Offices of Ronson Shamoun gave me no hope; I paid even for consultation and they just “tried” to solve my problem to take my money. Calling them was a nightmare because I only spoke with receptionists and the answering machines. 15 days passed after the levy and letters and calls from the IRS kept coming in. 15 days with a lot of stress and no legal solutions I decided to call Ron who told me to speak with his staff. I went to the office within 30 minutes after I called them, and I spent one hour talking to the attorneys about my corporation problems. They took the case and on my way home they called me and said that the IRS were going to release my money! I was ecstatic and super happy that I told my wife to prepare some food to eat after my appetite was gone for a few weeks, I enjoyed it like never before. I knew that this was only the beginning of a fight with the IRS but I felt that I got the best representative and knowledgeable firm willing to protect my family, business and assets. In July I started to make payments with the IRS and now they are handling my problems with the EDD and the State Taxes. My relationship with them has been fantastic, they don’t just treat me like another client or someone who is going to pay them after the case is closed, I feel that they actually care about my situation, you can sense it. It is very hard to find a firm with emotions and people who actually care. Every time I call the office I am glad that I am talking with a human being and not a machine, someone who is going to take care of my legal problems and feel protected at the same time. There are no other words I can use to describe their professionalism, their service is excellent and I wish I could give them 10000 stars. I cannot refer to them as just another law firm but as “Law Offices of Ronson Shamoun” where Ronnie and his team work, and everyone has been very nice either by phone or in the office while I wait.
Francisco R.

The good folks at Ronson Shamoun’s law office have really been a big help with sales tax audits for us. They were able to get field waivers (where the auditor closed the audit without making any adjustments) on two separate audits over the course of the past year. I would highly recommend them to help out on any sort of tax issue.
Tim M.

Jonathan Amitrano is extremely efficient, trustworthy and kind. He is very knowledgeable and gets the job done.
More important was his willingness to give me the time to decide what was best for me,. Simply put; he could not have done a better job!
Nancy M.

I have worked with a couple of tax attorneys with the same issue, all of them were chop shop style with no customization. Further, you could never get a hold of anyone. Jonathan gets back to me with in a couple of hours at the most, and most importantly solved my issues while making me feel like things are being handled properly, which they were.
Danny D.

Ms. Ashley Rentz was our key contact at the legal firm we employed to handle our recent tax case, and we worked with her on a weekly and sometimes daily basis over the course of the past year. We found her be very knowledgeable and extremely helpful on all aspects of our case. She was very responsive and consistent in her communications and a pleasure to work with. We had great confidence at all times that our case was receiving the highest level of attention and diligence. Ms. Rentz was unfailing positive and pleasant, and provided us with a ongoing comfort level throughout the case. We would highly recommend Ms. Rentz to anyone in need of legal services.
Quick to follow up, professional, would recommend to anyone
Denyce C.

I cannot say enough about Ashley. She has been instrumental in changing my life.
I came to her and her firm with 15+ years of un-filed and unpaid taxes. I had been hiding from this huge problem for so long it had shaped my life and held me back in countless ways. Ashley and her firm took complete control of my situation and within six months I had a settlement with the IRS for only $1,500. I am now free and clear of this problem for ever.
Steve C.

Quinn was instrumental in reducing my IRS debt from $150K to $20K. Intelligent, trustworthy are just some of the words that describe this amazing professional. Quinn saved my financial life!
Thom F.

The best thing Quinn did for me was to give me peace of mind. He was professional, friendly, and very good about reminding me to get my documents and information in. I have never felt more comfortable with someone helping me with a difficult situation.
Frank A.

This is a very professional, honest and friendly tax attorney. He works professionally and diligently. He has the abilities to resolve any cases including difficult ones. We have seen so many attorneys before. He is the most trustworthy, respectable and affordable attorney with good reputations! They helped us to resolve a case that other attorney didn’t even know how to do and still robbed money from us. It is the best tax attorney firm in San Diego!
I will give him 5 stars!
You will not regret after you hire him!
The best experience I have ever had with an attorney.
Lily M.

This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with any attorney and law firm. Allison and RJS went above and beyond all of my reasonable expectations and I would recommend them to anyone. She was able to lower the monthly payment figure to the IRS and FTB almost 50% from our initial consultation. This will allow me to concentrate on making money for myself and my family in the future with a specific budget moving forward! Thanks Allison and RJS!!!
Andy M.

I was referred to Allison by a friend of mine and everything she said about Allison at RJS was true. I was in such a state when I called Allison about my taxes and explained that the IRS did not want to work with me. Allison, calmed me down, told me exactly what she was going to do and what I could expect once the process was complete. Everything that Allison said would happen, happened. I found Allison to be courteous, professional, honest, friendly, responsive and very helpful. Thank you Allison for getting my tax issues resolved, you are an incredible attorney and person.
Cheryl G

I retained RJS LAW to help me with tax problems and I am so glad I did. I had an outstanding liability due to my independent contract work and was unsure where I could turn and who I could count on to fix the problem. Ashley and Ronnie went above and beyond the call of duty and worked tirelessly on my case. When my Offer in Compromise was accepted, I was relieved and so thrilled! I have severe medical problems, and Ronnie and Ashley were kind, compassionate, and understanding of my situation. They were quick to respond to my phone calls and emails, and happily rescheduled appointments when they conflicted with my medical appointments. They truly made me feel like a priority and I am so thankful for their hard work. I would recommend their services to everyone!
Christina P.

I hired RJS Law to assist me with my tax liability. I had been the victim of a horrible marital situation which resulted in me owing over $360,000 in trust fund liability for past due payroll taxes. My corporation ended up in bankruptcy, but I still had to deal with the personal exposure.
Jonathan and Ronnie at RJS Law were quick to formulate a plan. They were upfront and realistic about what I could expect and together, we decided to attempt an offer in compromise. The fight was long and tough, but with Jonathan as my advocate, the IRS finally agreed to settle my $360,000 liability for only $2,500. I could not have been more thrilled!

The best thing about RJS Law is their customer service. I was worried about the entire situation but Jonathan was always there to answer any questions I had. He laid out a clear plan for me to follow and helped me along the way, with great follow-through and always returned my calls. I highly recommend hiring RJS Law for any and all tax needs. They are the best of the best and I am so very thankful for everything they did. Jonathan was very knowledgeable of the tax laws, and was more than just my attorney, he was my friend, and I could always tell that he truly cared about me and my case.
Connie A.

I was impressed by the responsiveness, energy, and commitment of RJS LAW. The attorneys responded to my emails and phone calls within 24 hours or less. It is clear the lawyers in this firm enjoy what they’re doing. They were strong advocates and never stopped fighting to get the best results. They showed me they cared because they always took the time to explain to me what was happening and the next steps of the case. They wanted to ensure I was comfortable and informed with the progress of my case. Ronson Shamoun and Ashley Kerins planned extensively for the key appearance in the case and brought strong arguments to the table. The arguments were reasonable and clearly reflected my opinion.

In the end, the case outcome was impressive and the fee was more than reasonable.
I may have fared worse had another legal firm taken on the case. I would definitely work with RJS LAW again in the future.
Fadi S.

I want to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for me and my family. When I walked into your office I was nervous and I wasn’t sure what to expect, all I knew was that I had to fix my IRS situation, I no longer wanted to live with this debt. When I met you, right away you made me feel welcomed and your professionalism made me feel comfortable. I knew right away I made the best decision to choose RJS LAW. You have given me a new opportunity to start fresh.

People will always have doubts spending money on someone they just met, I was one of them, but you know what it was the best decision I made. I would read testimonials and always thought they were made up but no, now I realize they are not, because now I’m the one writing a thank you letter. I will forever be thankful for everything.

I’m not gonna lie when you told me that my debt of over $111,000 was gonna be forgiven and I was only going to pay $1,500 I was like, “She is crazy!” but when I received that letter in the mail from the IRS saying that they had accepted the Offer in Compromise for $1,500 I went crazy! I had to read the letter over and over to make sure it was true! Thanks again Chandara you are the best!!
Jaime N.

I would highly recommend RJS LAW to anyone dealing with tax issues. My wife and I owed over $30,000 to the IRS and also had an outstanding balance with the FTB. We had very little money to spare each month and were panicked about the threat of wage garnishment and other levies. Ronnie and Chandara quickly put us at ease, and RJS has absolutely delivered on everything they promised. Chandara and Larissa negotiated low monthly payment plans for all of our outstanding accounts, and were so responsive, professional, and helpful throughout the entire process. We received terrific value for our money, we didn’t have to change our lifestyle and we never had to talk to an IRS or FTB agent! They did it all for us. We feel like they worked miracles on our behalf!
John F.

I got myself into a bit of trouble with taxes so I went online to try and find some help. When RJS LAW came up I looked around the website and it listed everything that I needed so I wrote down the phone number and I called. I spoke with Jonathan and was immediately put at ease because I read from his biography that we had something in common, and was given an appointment at their downtown office almost immediately. In my first appointment I explained the situation, and the attorneys let me rant and vent and Ronnie explained that they would take care of me. Lots of tears were shed and Ronnie calmed my fears, telling me that plenty of good people had been in my situation and that’s what they are here for! I trusted Ronnie and Quinn and they took over from there. It took almost a year and a half to complete my case, but I am so grateful for their hard work. I cannot thank them enough for their help, compassion, and how much they cared. Quinn was so helpful and accessible, taking every one of my calls and answering all my questions. Everyone that I have encountered at RJS LAW both in our meetings and when I called the office has been kind and considerate! I would give you 6 out of 5 stars if I could! Thank God there are people like you guys down there, you kept me from having a nervous breakdown. Should the occasion arise I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who needed you in a heartbeat!
Pam S.

After six years of going through a rough divorce in family court, I was stressed and tired. However, RJS Law helped me achieve an amazing victory relating to my joint tax liability – complete innocent spouse relief from the IRS and FTB. Quinn Disparte and Ronnie Shamoun worked on my case, and I was very impressed with their intelligence, hard work, professionalism, and strong advocacy on my behalf. Their successful resolution of my case will definitely improve the financial future for both me and my daughters. Quinn and Ronnie are my heroes!
Jacqueline G.

Allison handled my international tax matters with great expertise. She developed a strategy that will save me a lot of money in the future. I also appreciated her quick response to all my questions and her good cooperation with my accountant. I can recommend her without any hesitation.”
Daniela A.

I had a case regarding workers compensation — RSJ LAW was very helpful and successful in resolving my case. They took care of everything for me. I did not have to make any court appearances. They did everything in their power to save me time and money, ensuring that I did not go over the quoted price for their services. I want to give a special thanks to attorneys Quinn Disparte and Ronson Shamoun.
Vicki K.

I want to truly thank the firm of RJS LAW for all the hard work they put into my case when I thought there was no other way for my business to survive and we should have shut our doors for good. RJS LAW found a way to keep us in business and for that my company is forever indebted to your firm. THANK YOU. Any business would only benefit from RJS LAW, they are true professionals. Again thank you!
Clayton W.

April of 2014, our bank received a levy in excess of $65,000 from the State of California, Employment Development Department. We went into panic mode, as our business could not function without these funds. Our attempts to speak with anyone at the EDD were excruciatingly painful and unproductive. Our CPA referred us to Ronson Shamoun and Quinn Disparte at RJS LAW. The first day of accepting the case, Quinn had the levy placed on hold. In less than three days, the levy was released in full! Quinn was amazing, his knowledge, contacts and demeanor was invaluable. Truly, without his efforts the money would have been sent to the EDD and it would
have taken us months to get our money back. We hope to never be in this situation again, but if we do Quinn is at the top of our list. I will refer him to anyone going through tax issues with either the state or IRS.
Stephanie T., Controller

I had some tax issues to take care of after my father’s passing including a liability from a Board of Equalization audit. Chandara and Ronnie worked tirelessly on my case, filing a petition and fighting the BOE on my behalf and I ended up being refunded almost $28,000. I am eternally grateful for the care, compassion, and dedication to my case that both Ronson and Chandara showed. Chandara was great about returning calls and responded to my emails quickly. I would recommend anyone to RJS LAW, they are truly the best at what they do.
Scott S.

We were being audited by the FTB regarding the recent sale of my primary residence. This was the first audit we have ever had and were looking for a firm that could represent us. Both Ronnie and Quinn took complete charge from day one and totally turned around a very difficult situation negotiating a very fair settlement. If you are looking for firm to represent you in your dealings with IRS/FTB RJS LAW is the absolute right choice.
Howard R.

I just have to get the word out about RJS Law. They are amazing! They saved my financial life! Actions speak VOLUMES so let me just say straight out these wonderful people reduced my IRS debt from over $40,000 down to a jaw-dropping $300!! That’s three hundred dollars! They were able to reduce my state debt from $15,000 down to $1000. The state, I was told, hardly ever settles so I was really shocked when they both were approved. They advertise 100% success rate and Ronnie is adamant about keeping that record. He took the time to explain the process of an Offer In Compromise and what I could realistically expect. They far exceeded my expectations. At first I was tempted to call one of those companies you see advertising on TV, but I was leery about trusting someone I couldn’t look in the eye. So I did some research and I actually met with a few other attorneys. Their relaxed, straight-forward approach sold me on RJS Law. My consultation with Jonathon set my mind at ease. He was not pushy, he made me feel comfortable and actually encouraged me to shop around. After I signed up I was assigned to the lovely Chandara whose professionalism and timeliness is impeccable. She worked diligently and always kept me in the loop. And then there’s Ronnie, what a cool, calm reassuring, understanding person. When it came down to it, he was willing to work with me on monthly payments that would fit my budget.I cannot say enough about this law firm. They promised and came through, that is rare these days. Starting this new chapter in my life with a clean slate feels so amazing, I no longer have that lingering cloud of worry over my head. I’m telling you don’t waste your time with anyone else, call them and get started. My case started November 1st and I was done by May.
Teresa O.

I just wanted to take a moment to express how relieved and happy I am with the outcome of my tax case. Simply put, it’s hard to describe the exuberance I felt when I found out my offer had been accepted. The looming anvil that was hovering over me for so many years is now gone and I can focus on rebuilding. Hats off to everyone at RJS for accepting a “Small Guy” but treating him like a millionaire. Keep up the good work.
Jaime H.

Approximately six years ago, a situation arose in my life that required help from a licensed tax attorney. I consulted the yellow pages, and picked Mr. Shamoun. I called and made an appointment. I met him, and quickly became impressed with his understanding of my problem, and the manner in which he gave me confidence that he could resolve it. In fact, he did resolve it better than I had expected. His fee was fair, and for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed paying a lawyer! Since then, I have had him check my tax returns each year, for peace of mind. Also during this time, I have come to see his law practice grow and prosper. His staff, and associates are the best. They reflect his character, and expertise. In his Overall Rating, I would give him six stars, if I could.
Robert D.

I’d like to convey my sincerest thanks and deep appreciation to you and the RJS Team. You were able to resolve a very egregious and damaging IRS error in a very short period of time. I am so satisfied and very very relieved! Thank you all very much.
Greg L.

I am happy to recommend the assistance of RJS LAW. I worked with Quinn Disparte who worked with me answering all my questions, keeping an open and frequent dialogue throughout the resolution of my tax problems. He was able to workout a resolution that saved me thousands of dollars.
Guillermo M.

I owed over $100,000 to the IRS and was in danger of losing a lucrative contract if I did not resolve my past due balance quickly and without a lien being filed. I hired RJS LAW to represent me because of a stellar referral from my CPA. I am extremely happy with the results. Both Ronnie and Chandara have extensive knowledge in the tax field. They worked hard, fast, and discretely and made us feel very comfortable during this ordeal. They were able to successfully negotiate a reasonable payment plan for me that I can afford, with absolutely no lien being filed. I am so glad that I was able to put this whole nightmare behind me and concentrate on what mattered most- my family and my career. I strongly recommend RJS LAW to anyone who is facing a tax ordeal. Ronnie and his team genuinely care and follow through with great results.
Biotech business owner in La Jolla.

Ronson helped me with a tax audit of a LLC and personal returns. He resolved tax issues with a tax auditor. He helped reduce a $33,000 tax assessment to $3,000. Ronson was very personable and efficient. I will definitely be asking him for help in the future.
Fel P.

Forming my S-Corp was a pleasure with Allison Soares of RJS LAW. She is highly competent and personable. The process was actually fun. I started calling her the Fabulous Allison Soares. I have highly recommended her and RJS LAW to my colleagues and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to you!
Dr. Regina H.

Thank you does not fully describe my appreciation for the past years of legal services you provided – both as a friend as well as a professional you are awesome! You have been a counselor, a shoulder to cry on, and the unfair recipient of my ranting (sorry!). You have been a true supporter and I look forward to our future friendship. Because of you, your kindness and your friendship, we can now smile and attempt to rebuild some happiness for us and our family. Our granddaughter has asked her grandfather to escort her to her prom, now you know the happiness you created for us.
Jane T.

 Professionalism. While to most of us, this has come to be a “buzz” word, there are a few select individuals that have this as their creed. What does it truly mean and how does one achieve it? Responding to inquiries, answering simple questions, having a polished and clean demeanor, respecting all parties present, conducting due diligence, openness in billing, willingness to produce the desired result for the client and not just for the fee. I believe we forget the latter one in the legal field all too often. Ronson Shamoun exemplifies this one word and therefore, he should be considered a Top Attorney, because he already is.
Prem A.

I was very impressed with their services. I was taken care of in the best possible way, very knowledgeable, professional, and would always keep me updated throughout the process. Also, so happy with the results.

We are so lucky, and it was a pleasure to have had you help us resolve our tax audit problems. After working with you for a year, we have seen a professional who can be trusted, respected and admired. Your kindness, friendliness, professionalism and dedication earns your good reputation! We have no doubt that you are the best attorneys in town! Thank you very much! It was a joy working with you!
Nancy M.

I was referred to RJS Law by my local CPA who gave them a glowing review and highly recommended them. It is with great pleasure that not only did they meet my lofty expectations but they even exceeded them. Allison Soares was a pleasure to work with throughout every step of the process and kept me informed to the point where I actually enjoyed discussing the rather uncomfortable topic of owing a significant amount of money to the IRS and FTB. I would recommend Allison and RJS to anyone who needs immediate help with an intimidating tax liability!
Andy M.

We are so thankful that we went to RJS Law for our IRS representation. Allison and Ronnie not only gave us incredible advice and service, but equally importantly, they took time to put us at ease and ensure that we understood all that was going to happen. They were very patient and understanding as we explained our assorted goals for the representation, which often seemed to almost conflict with each other. In short order, they achieved a fantastic outcome for us, after already having taken a huge weight off of our shoulders by taking over our process. We highly recommend them to anyone who has a need for their super services.
Darren A.

At first when I meet Ron I thought , here is another attorney that will tell me whatever I want to hear, like the other 5 I dealt with before him. BUT NO, that wasn’t the case. Ron came through with flying colors , I still cant believe that there is an attorney firm that will do what they say they will do, but Ron will, he won’t let you down. Please trust me on this USE him over and over again. The best and I have tried 5 others before him and they ALL failed.
Ty R.

I can’t speak highly enough for Ronnie and his firm. I came with over 15 years of un-filed and unpaid taxes. He laid out a very clear plan to resolve this and allow me to go on with my life. After only six months the IRS accepted our offer of only $1,500. This was only 2 to 3 percent of what I owed. I am now free and clear due to this man. If you have a tax problem no matter how big this is the man for you.
Steve S.

Before we went to Ronnie we tried to get help with one of the TV ads claiming to help us with our tax matter, they ripped us off and caused so much stress and anxiety. The reason we didn’t go to a lawyer first is because we didn’t think we could afford one…But that was before we found Ronnie, He listened to us and was very honest, he won’t waste your time. He’s affordable and I highly recommend him, they saved us thousands of dollars we could have never paid back. He has the best team available. Don’t go anywhere else they are very pleasant to work with always nice and NON STRESSFUL.
Angela H.

Ashley during our first phone conversation, before I hired her, told me what she can do for me based on my IRS situation and did absolutely what she said after I hired her to handle my case. All I can say is she is the BEST attorney i came upon and i had tried 4 others that failed. She’s the BEST.
Reese T.

If you work with Ashley you will be surprised at how pleasant and knowledgeable she is. But what I liked the most about her is that whenever she asked me for something she always gave me plenty of time to gather the information she needed. She made everything non STRESSFUL which is a real plus.I highly recommend her, don’t go anywhere else!
Angela H.

Your attorneys did an incredible job negotiating an Offer In Compromise for me with the IRS. They are caring and kind and provided a worry free experience in dealing with the IRS. I can’t say enough about the fantastic job you did.
Fred B.

To sum it up your attorneys are amazing! They were great from the moment I met them. They listened and understood exactly what I was looking for as a final outcome for my case. They explained everything step by step before I signed the contract to have them and the firm that they work for represent me. It took me all of seconds after hearing the plan as to what they would do to decide that your firm was the best choice! Once the case got started your staff always returned my phone calls, if not took them when I called, and also returned every email with clear and concise answers. Your team of attorneys was extremely dedicated in helping me resolve my legal matter with the IRS with amazing results! I was sure that I was never going to get resolve to my tax issues and your attorneys delivered what they promised. The OIC was submitted to the IRS September 2011 and accepted February 2012 with our original offer. Although every case will differ from mine I am extremely confident that your team will always strive to deliver what the client is looking for while being realistic as to what can be accomplished.
Joy B.

Your staff did an amazing job handling my OIC with the IRS. From beginning to end your attorneys and Ron helped to end many years of stress and frustration I was having with the IRS. Long story short, I went from dealing with two different services and 5 years of wage garnishments, tax levies and a denied OIC to finding your law office and my whole case being settle with an Acceptance letter from the IRS in less than 8 months!! Thank you again!!
Michael G.

Both the IRS as well as the State were aggressively trying to collect past due taxes. I hired the Law Office of Ronson Shamoun to represent me and I am extremely happy with the results. They took care of me from A-Z. They filed my missing returns and reduced my tax liability with the IRS. They further reduced my debt to the IRS through an Offer in Compromise. I owed approximately 30K and it was settled for 5K. I am grateful that I can have a fresh start and put all of this behind me. Both Ronnie and Chandara are knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable throughout this time. Right away, the staff takes care of you and treats you like family. Now, every year I go see Ronnie for my tax needs. I strongly recommend Ronnie’s firm and his team to anyone having tax problems not only because they can get great results but also because of their strong work ethic and client service.
Eric F.

We retained Mr. Shamoun and his firm to handle our legal needs in connection with an ongoing tax case. We had previously employed a firm that failed to provide promised services, and our case was very complex as a result. Mr. Shamoun was extremely knowledgeable and possessed the high level of expertise needed to resolve all of the associated issues. He was always accessible and diligent in ensuring that all aspects of our case had been addressed. It is without hesitation that we would recommend Mr. Shamoun to anyone in need of high quality legal representation.
Denyce C.

I came to Ronnie and Jonathan because I owed the IRS over $30,000. These two guys were caring, compassionate, and really great guys. They went above and beyond what I expected. We ended up settling my debt for $2,000. I could not believe the result! I highly recommend retaining these guys, they are the best of the best.
Mason D.

In today’s world, it is very hard to find a company that is very dedicated to their profession and the clients they represent. Your team of attorneys are dedicated. My wife and I had a very long and ongoing problem with the IRS. After retaining your firm to handle our problem, we met with your attorneys and received superb and excellent service. Your staff got our problem with the IRS resolved with no monies owed to the IRS. The whole law firm was outstanding and very caring. I hope I never need their service again(with IRS problems); however, if I ever do or any friends need their service then I will strongly recommend them. Your law office has helped remove a big load off our shoulders. Thanks so much to Ronnie and his staff, and I’ll keep in touch.
Salvador M.

I am entirely satisfied with the services provided by Ronnie and his staff. Your attorneys were always easy to reach and quick to get back to me. Your practice continued to be available to answer my quick questions about my IRS case without nickel-and-diming me; this was enormously appreciated. Most importantly, your staff helped me reach a satisfactory resolution to my case. I would without reservation recommend the firm of Ronson Shamoun to anyone facing legal hassles with the IRS. I only wish that I had turned to them a lot sooner.
Peter K.

I had a wonderful experience working with Jonathan Amitrano, Chandara Diep and Ronson Shamoun of RJS Law. Jonathan, Chandara and Ronnie were very personable. They worked on my terms, and my time schedule. I really liked the fact that Jonathan was very accessible to me. I never felt out of touch at any time during my audit process. The RJS team was honest, and easy to work with. If I am ever audited again my first call will be to Jonathan and the other attorneys of RJS Law.
Joseph W.

IRS had levied my bank account, leined my house and levied my rent. Called one law firm not interested in my case (didn’t owe enough I guess) but referred me to Ronson Shamoun and am I glad they did! Called and got appointment for the next day, went in nice place downtown but most of all they were so friendly. Talked to Ronnie (the owner) took my case,told me not to worry. Couldn’t believe how reasonable the fee was. Assigned me to a VERY capable attorney in his office. I met with my attorneys and was stressed, but they put me at ease and told me not to worry. Within a week levies were lifted on my house and my bank. I never had to talk to my IRS agent again. Everything they said they would do for me they did! Took almost a year cause of the IRS workload I imagine, but in the end all my IRS problems were solved. My attorneys were there with me every step of the way, always letting me know what was going on. If anyone needs help with tax problems THIS IS THE PLACE to go!!!
Randall S.


Ronson Shamoun and Jonathan Amitrano literally saved my financial life and became trusted friends in the process.
I was involved in a multi-year, multi-issue IRS audit. The worst case outcome would have been a disaster for me.
Ronnie and his team established excellent rapport with the agent, basically by showing their competence, reasonableness and knowledge, while simultaneously maintaining a strong advocacy position for me in their dealings with the IRS. An artful balance.
Their warmth and personal caring for my well-being, at such a difficult time, was like having family around.
Ronnie and his team exceeded all expectations regarding results, cost effectiveness and personal support. They really care!
Michael M.

Thank you Ron for all the hard work and dedication you and your team did with my OIC and finally settling my debt with the IRS. Words cannot express how immensely grateful and thankful I am. You did in 7 months(in real time perhaps, 3 months!) what two other firms tried to do in a span of five plus years! It’s because of you, I no longer have a tax levy or wage garnishments. I can now move forward with my life. THANK YOU!

My wife and I had a problem with the IRS for many years. After many years of trying to get it resolved by ourselves, we realized that we needed a professional lawyer. We contacted Ronson Shamoun and after our first meeting we knew we had a very positive and knowledgeable person. We retained his service and in less than a year our problem was resolved and we didn’t owe the IRS any money. I can’t say enough about how professional and smart he is and the rest of his attorneys. Thank you very much you have been a God send.

If you are in need of professional tax law services, I highly recommend The Law Office of Ronson J. Shamoun. Realizing I needed professional tax law consultation and services, I had no idea who to turn to for help and advice. I began by asking three attorneys, not associated with Shamoun, for recommendations. Two of the three referred me to Shamoun without hesitation. I took their advice and called Shamoun’s office.
Beginning with the initial office contact through the end to case resolution, I was treated with the utmost of customer care and courtesy from the entire staff. The staff, from receptionist to partners, is knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated. A special note of appreciation for attorney Jonathan Amitrano, as Jonathan was the team member managing my case. Jonathan understood my tax issue, proposed various alternatives for resolution, and executed. He was astute, thorough, accessible, and responsive. Additionally, Shamoun clearly defined the scope of work and associated fees necessary to bring my case to resolution. There were no unexpected or additional services required. My tax issue was resolved successfully and in a most timely manner.
Jay W.

If you are considering negotiating anything with the IRS do not do it on your own, ever…please trust me. You do not want to have to learn the hard way. Talk to Ronson or anybody at his office first, do nothing else.
Everybody in Ronson’s office is so professional and they all took the time to listen to everything I had to say. I was so nervous due to my situation I kept on yapping on and on but within 20 minutes I knew I was where I had to be to get the help I needed and I was right for once with my choice to go with Ronson’s law firm. I just want to say thank you so much Ronson for helping me get my financial mess in order! Thanks to you and your wonderful staff. I am now free to conduct business once again and the Feds are off my back!
John W.

We’ve been working with one of your attorneys on our personal and business taxes for about two years. He is patient and kind and keeps us chronic procrastinators on track. He is thorough and dependable and listens to our sad stories/excuses without judgement – and has put us at ease every time we are worried. He’s helped us out of a few jams and is proactive in telling us how to proceed with our current situation. We would be in BIG trouble without his help!
Greta B.

We are very pleased with the legal services received from The Law Offices of Ronson J. Shamoun. My company was involved in a complex tenant dispute. Your attorneys professionally and efficiently handled the case. The firm took care of the situation and worked out a settlement which saved us money. I am a happy client. I would highly recommend their services.
Andrea B.

Ron Shamoun is by far the best Tax Attorney I have ever met. He is very good at looking at the big picture and being able to resolve the Tax situation in a manner that is win-win for all the parties involved. Ronson Shamoun and his Law office team are very knowledgeable in the laws governing the land, IRS and very effective in communicating the big picture to the client, you and me, and also show tremendous respect and care for the client both literally and through the work performed. I would highly very highly highly recommend Ronson Shamoun to be the lead Attorney for all your Tax Audit purposes.
SriDevi S.

Very courteous and knowledgeable staff. My first meeting with Ronnie put a lot of things into perspective for me and I felt really comfortable hiring his team of attorneys. They were very good with following up and keeping me in the loop. They were patient with my and my business’s busy schedule. Was very happy with their level of service and the ultimate result.
Isabella L.

Ronson and his team are highly proficient and effective. My case was very severe in that I had several years of unfiled taxes, a 2006 tax debt well in excess of $100,000 due to past due taxes, interest acrued, penalties applied, etc. Ronson and his team worked with me for several months and ultimately reduced my tax debt to $1,800. I will never have anyone else do my taxes. I have the confidence and peace of mind that when Ronson and team does my taxes that they are done properly and in my best interest. The best part about my case is that they actually negotiated with the IRS and got the IRS to eliminate all the penalties associated with my tax debt. I couldn’t be more pleased with their services. Money well spent! Thank you Ronson and team! Chandara is amazing! Ron is very hands on and personable. The team is friendly and welcoming. If you have tax problems or simply want the assurance that your taxes are being done properly, go to the Law Offices of Ronson Shamoun.
Desi D.

The professionals at R.J. Shamoun did a great job of helping me set up the incorporation of my small business. Starting as an individual with no real business knowledge or background, they explained everything to me clearly and patiently. I felt very well taken care of. When tax time came, again they helped with my very complex returns. As hard working as everyone appears, they still find a way to help you with a smile on their face. I’ve already referred several of my colleagues to them as well. Thanks team!
Carrie Y.

I have nothing but great things to say about this law firm. My experience with them has been very easy and pleasant. Their customer service is superb! They are quick to respond to questions and concerns. We all know that it can be very difficult and embarrassing to openly and comfortably speak about our troubled finances with others. However, they made me feel comfortable and at ease speaking to them about the unfortunate financial situation I was in with the IRS and they helped me get through it.
In addition, they even went out of their way as tax attorneys and represented me in court for a HOA lawsuit against me for my rental property since I felt I had no one else to turn to and can trust but them. This HOA lawsuit was so unfair to start off with but Ronson Shamoun and his staff did a fantastic job representing me.
They gave insightful advice that helped me through my ordeal.
I would highly recommend their outstanding services to my family and friends as well as to anyone looking for an excellent attorney to represent them and get the job done right with confidence! They are simply the most dedicated and most honest you will ever find!!!
Sonya O.

Recently used Ronson for a few legal issues with my business, and I have to say I was very impressed. I’ve had many lawyers in the past but none as attentive and thourogh as Ronson. Ronson and his staff handled my issues quickly and professionally. They are definetely my go to team from now on when it comes to any of my legal issues.
Franci K.

The Law Offices of Ronson Shamoun have been a life saver (literally). Ronnie and his team are all about results with whatever case they are faced with. My case was a very serious tax case both civil and criminal. They will be tough on you, but you can count on them to get positive results. I know they went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with a difficult time in my life- I’m eternally grateful.
Johhny C.

Found these guys while searching on the web and I am sure glad that I did. Called their office and spoke to Ashley at length about some back taxes that I owed. She was super nice and knowledgable and I felt immediately better after talking to her. Ronnie tends to be a little excentric, but you can tell he’s really good at what he does and a little toughness is what you want in a lawyer right?! It took a couple months to get me cleaned up and get everything resolved, but for what I spent in fees they ended up saving me thousands. Highly recommended.
Jacob H.

We are so very thankful for all of the hard work of The Law Offices of Ronson J. Shamoun. We faced a nasty IRS problem. We were overwhelmed. It was such a relief to meet with Ron and his staff. He put us at ease and helped us to see our way to resolve our IRS problems. His associate attorney is a sweetheart. She worked so hard for us and kept us updated. Ron and his staff are all very friendly, hard working and we can not thank them enough!
John S.

I don’t know if everyone will understand this, but many people dealing with the IRS will, I was literally at the end of my rope when I decided to call Ronson, I was getting ready to leave the US permanently and not as my prefered walk in life. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.
My case went all the way to Federal Appeals because of the complexity and sheer volume of information, all the lower courts simply assumed I was involved in some kid of illegal activity which I was not. Ronson knew that I had done nothing wrong and fought for me through many appeals and walked with me through a long process that I was very frightened by. My tax basis was lowered by over $12,000,000 dollars and for the first time in four years I can register all of my information at my current address without fear of the IRS finding me, because I am no longer afriad of them. I can finally go on with my life.
Daniel C.

Ron and his team are the best! Lawyers are supposed to advocate for their clients and they are THE BEST. I had 9 years of unfiled and unpaid taxes. They got me a great deal with the IRS and a payment plan I could live with. If you need any help with tax issues, this is the place to call. Ron Shamoun is the owner and lead attorney and he will speak directly with you and layout a plan, then the Tax Attorney Associates go to work. They communicate with you and will keep you up to speed all the way through the process. Call them if you need any help with tax issues.
Chris B.

Ronson Shamoun is the best! Straight forward honest answers and solutions.
Carol O.

I highly recommend Ronson and his team. I was facing a very complex 3 year business audit on multiple entities with a potential tax bill well into the six figures. Ronson and the whole staff did an outstanding job working with the IRS and negotiating a settlement for pennies on the dollar. Very professional and VERY competent. If you have an IRS problem, hire this firm.

My corporation and I were audited for 2005 and 2006 and I was facing potential criminal charges. Ronnie and his staff worked tirelessly on my behalf, minimizing my audit risk and saving me over five hundred thousand dollars in potential liability. My total final exam change was only $1400! Since then, RJS Law has defended me against the EDD, the SBOE, and the IRS on a separate payroll matter and has produced a series of fantastic results. They saved my livelihood and I will always consider them close friends.
Rob C.

I was the victim of a fraudulent tax planner and received an IRS audit letter in the mail the day before Superbowl Sunday. It was a shock to me and I was having problems sleeping for weeks before retaining RJS Law. Ronnie and the rest of the staff handled my audit quickly and saved me tens of thousands of dollars in final tax liability. They now handle all my corporate affairs and I have never had any problems since. They are always there to answer questions and are truly the best at what they do. Thanks guys!
Scott G.

I had not filed returns in several years and started receiving threatening notices from the IRS. When I first came to Ronnie and Chandara, they took immediate action to stop my assets from being seized and then bought me time to file my returns. With all the penalties and interest, I owed over one hundred thousand dollars in back taxes. Ronnie eventually submitted an Offer in Compromise for me and settled my liability for just over three thousand dollars. Thank you, Ronnie.
Bodo S.